The recruitment process

Recruitment does not have to be stressful. See how it looks in Lyreco:

Application selection

The recruitment department deals with the initial verification of submitted CVs and adjusts candidates' competences to the scope of challenges at a given position.

Stage I - interview with an HR team employee

The first interview takes place with the Recruitment Specialist. The conversation can take place at the Lyreco office, online or by telephone. The purpose of the discussion is to learn about the motivation of the candidates, as well as the previous achievements and expectations. During the conversation, you will learn more about the tasks waiting for you and get to know some of Lyreco' organisational culture.

Stage II - an interview with the Manager

If your expectations and experience coincide with the needs of the position, you will be able to meet with a direct manager. During the conversation, you will learn the specificity of the work, as well as the projects the team is working on, and the manager will be able to assess your competences in practice.

Stage III - Test

In recruitment to some departments, we support tools that help us determine the level of selected competencies, e.g. language or analytical.

Stage IV - Offer

The process ends with presenting the job offer to selected candidates. If both sides accept the terms of employment, we start the onboarding process.


In Lyreco, all persons participating in the recruitment process receive feedback.

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