Our teams

Selected teams operating in Gdańsk:


We implement development and maintenance projects for e-Commerce and digital marketing systems, including a new search engine, refactoring the system based on API, consolidation of e-commerce platforms. We use a variety of technologies, including .NET, MS SQL, Oracle, Java, JavaScript, Python, JQuery, Jenkins, Selenium, Elastic Stack, Nagios, SOLR, Resharper, Linux, Windows, IBM iSeries.

Pricing IT

We create systems that automate the process of calculating product prices based on many complex factors. We process thousands of information every day, and we estimate the most appropriate costs to the situation of each of our 40 distribution channels. We work in the latest technologies, including .NET, Visual Studio, Oracle, Angular, jQuery, Resharper, Jenkins, OctopusDeploy, StyleCop.


We design and network architecture, its support and consultancy in the field. We work on modern solutions from leading hardware and software manufacturers, including Cisco, Checkpoint, Fortigate, Infoblox, Network Support, Design. Also, we deal with brand protection - we care about the security of the company's information and information systems. Our duties also include technical support for the office and all employees.

Finance & Accounting

At GCC, we provide accounting for our European locations, in all areas of investment: accounts payable, accounts receivable, general ledger.

Business Analitics

We translate company condition reports into a wide range of internal partners: from the company's owner and management board to sales representatives. To work in the analytic team, it is necessary to have technical competences as well as understand the principles of functioning of different areas of the company. The analyst's most essential tools are Excel, SQL, SAS and Power BI.

Supply Chain

We handle orders and maintain contacts with suppliers from our European locations. Members of this team operate on the SAP program and use various European languages in their work.

Sales team

We sell products and office solutions for corporations as well as medium and large enterprises operating in Poland. We acquire business clients and provide comprehensive service and development of cooperation. In all of these activities, we are supported by Sales Coach and managers of particular departments to use our energy and openness according to Staples Way's unique sales methodology.

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