leader in the industry of office products and solutions

Meet us

Staples Solutions is a leader in the industry of office products and solutions. As one of the largest companies offering office products and the e-Commerce portal, we are a recognised brand in 17 countries in Europe.

We are always close to the customer - we guarantee the largest selection and the highest quality of products, as well as specialist help in their choice.

According to our motto:

When your space works, everything works.

In 2015, we established the Gdańsk Competence Center (GCC) in Gdansk. We employ nearly 300 highly qualified specialists in analytical, IT, accounting and purchasing teams that support our branches throughout Europe.


The Staples shopping part, called Staples Delivery, has been several years of systematic business development, supported in Poland by over 100 people responsible for sales development and the highest quality of customer service.

A lot is going on in Staples, and our diversity of positions means that every employee's career can change and evolve in many ways. We live and breathe the energy of the ever-growing, promoting positive thinking, dynamically operating the company, where we use the newly acquired knowledge in practice.

To see how Staples works - check available positions and apply!